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Welcome to the 
Vermont Agency of Transportation CADD Help Site


What's New
VAOT V8i Resource Files (new Safety Edge Detail included) 03 June 2014
VTCAD Border File Standard Practice - video Part - 1 - 2 - 3 17 January 2014
CADD Standard Supplemental (CADSS) 08 January 2014
Structural Details Drawings Update 08 January 2014
Title Sheet 2011 Update (usage Directions) 12 September 2013
Conventional Symbology Legend Update DGN PDF 10 September 2013
CADD Example Project File Data Structure (Structures) 28 January 2013
January 2011, The Vermont Agency of Transportation officially implemented MicroStation V8i and standardization of V8i resource files.  
All Drawing file submitted to the VAOT must be V8i compatible. We will be using MicroStation V8i to open and use all drawings submitted during the design process and post design process.  Additional all drawing submitted to the Agency of Transportation must use only Agency provided MicroStation Workspace resources.  The above statements are relative to contracted Agency design projects.